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45 Minute Driver Club Fitting $150 GEARS

. Duration:45m··. Price:$150

45 Minute Iron Club Fitting $150 GEARS

. Duration:45m··. Price:$150

45 Minute Putter Fitting $150

. Duration:45m··. Price:$150

Performance GEARS Long Game Fitting

. Duration:1h 30m··. Price:$250

Performance GEARS Full Bag including Putter

. Duration:2h··. Price:$400

Gears Fitting Introduction Winter Special

. Duration:30m··. Price:Free

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Golf Warehouse is proud to be your #1 destination for all things golf. We do more custom sets and fitting than anyone else in NZ and pride ourselves on our professionalism and enthusiasm. It's how we started this business. #GolfersHelpingGolfers

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74 reviews
  • Michael Lorimer·

    Saw Nick for an iron fitting today at Newton Road premises. This is an amazing experience not only identifying some incorrect geometry on my current ions but seeing all parameters improving through a process of optimisation of shaft, loft, lie and not least of all some swing correction which was an added bonus! What’s more the specifications Nick arrived at produced the best numbers in all departments and the irons were by far the nicest and most consistent to hit. Rarely it seems to do things converge like this. 🙏

  • Shaun Stout·

    Good hour+ drive to Thorndon from home. Passing many pro shops on the way. I wont stop for any of them.
    JT is my guy, Thorndon is my branch.
    Once you have my trust, thats it. Ill stay loyal. As always I walked away with the right product for me without any worry I was being upsold. JT is that old school honest dude who refuses to sell you something that isn't going to work.
    Love the new set-up. Cant wait to report back after putting a few cards in. Thanks again.

  • David Cho·

    Had a fantastic fitting experience with Ivan today. Appreciated the honesty and giving me the correct advice/recommendation. Ended up staying with my current set, but definitely will be returning in the future.

  • noGolfDeity·

    Had a driver fitting with NickG and full credit to him for affably tolerating all my hooks and slices (and seldom in between). End result, we landed on a head and a shaft that narrowed down the left and, er, right dispersion (though by no means a magic wand), and it gave me some additional carry yards to boot. So that was obviously really pleasing to see! Long story short, go see Nick and get tailored !

  • Sean·

    I travelled up from Taupo to Auckland to have a fitting with Ivan. I was really impressed and appreciative of the advice, he did not rush or push me into anything and gave me the time to work through things to find the best club for my game. I wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of this service, and couldn’t be happier.

  • Max·

    Nick was fantastic as always.

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